Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ending the Russian War vs Ukraine
President Poroshenko tweeted this statement after the Minsk meeting. This is my translation of his original Ukrainian:
“We do not impose and do not want anyone to impose on us a form of internal device or external direction of integration. Ukrainian people made their choice in favor of a unitary, democratic and European state.
“I am convinced that today the only possible tool to stop the bloodshed and to ensure post-conflict reconstruction of Donbass is a peaceful settlement. I called on all participants in Minsk to consider and adopt it as a basis for resolving the situation. It is imperative to do everything to stop the supply of equipment and weapons to militants and such control is possible only with the involvement of the OSCE in monitoring and verification of the border.
“Glory to Ukraine!”
What President Poroshenko said is great for after the Russian war versus Ukraine has ended. And it can only be considered ended if Russia concedes, surrenders, withdraws and agrees to reparations.
“Glory to the Heroes!”