Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama Doesn’t Get It
President Barack Obama unfortunately observed that Ukraine does not need additional military assistance to help fight pro-Russian separatists but an invasion by Russia would raise “a different set of questions.”
Extending threats and waiting for Russia to escalate the war before taking action against it is a dangerous game of brinkmanship.
Obama’s comments came after NATO said on August 6 that Moscow had increased its forces along the border with eastern Ukraine to some 20,000 troops.
Obama comment that Ukraine is fighting separatists “who can’t match the Ukrainian army,” is a nice compliment but should not serve as the basis of Washington’s foreign policy. Ukraine is America’s ally or it isn’t. Ukrainian officials have urged Washington to provide lethal aid to Kyiv and some lawmakers have expressed their support for these pleas.
Vice President Joe Biden spoke via phone with President Poroshenko, who said Moscow is already involved in the conflict, firing artillery at Ukrainian forces from Russia.

President Obama and his officials will not serve their or Ukraine’s interests by losing Ukraine on their watch. The consequences of such a failure will resound for generations.